Ukrainian biathlete Varvynets does not need surgery on his knees

Українська біатлоністка Варвинець не потребує операції на колінах

Surgical intervention is not required as an outpatient to help the athlete return to training

December 28 was held the coaching Council, which discussed the issues of preparation of the team for the first trimester of the season.

Among the important issues considerable attention was paid to working with Irina Varvynets.

Athlete for some time ceased active work through the problem with the knee, which not only allows to fully compete, but also, prevents training. Irina took a lot of tests and consultations, but to restore the rhythm of workouts while not.

Therefore, the President of the Federation appealed to the German experts to build the best possible solution for this problem. In the clinic of Munich was assembled a Council, which have thoroughly studied the case and came to the conclusion that surgical intervention was not required as an outpatient to help the athlete return to training.

It was also noted that at the moment, only the result of three stages of the world Cup, the team ranked seventh in the Nations Cup, despite the fact that the competition between teams has increased, the growth dynamics can be traced unambiguously.

For each member of the team conducted a detailed analysis of his work and decided to make some adjustments to the overall training. The composition of the teams on stages in Canada and the United States, the final decision will be made later. Will participate in the European championship, which will be a kind of a test start before the world Cup.

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