Ukrainian broadcaster has released the music video MARUV: not afraid no heels, no slinky bodysuit

Украинский телеведущий выпустил пародию на клип MARUV: не побоялся ни каблуков, ни облегающего боди

Well-known Ukrainian leader Vladimir Ostapchuk took a ridiculous parody of the hit MARUV Siren Song.

The artist has published a parody of your Youtube channel

Украинский телеведущий выпустил пародию на клип MARUV: не побоялся ни каблуков, ни облегающего боди

The plot is as follows: Vladimir Ostapchuk sleep under the watching TV and clips MARUV. He has a wonderful dream. The clip is called “Eurovision dream”.

In the video Vladimir starts dancing in heels and form-fitting bodysuit, which is similar to that in which once presented itself MARUV.

The agents of the “Department for combating Eurovision” come to the artist home and in voluntary-a compulsory order are forced to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest. A comical situation is that Vladimir plays the role MARUV, keeping her style “intelligent provocation”. And all for the sake of the viewer is not sensed something was wrong. What ended his dream?”, – it is noted in the video description.

It is worth mentioning that the Famous Ukrainian singer MARUV sang at the birthday of the Russian producer Joseph Prigogine.

As you know, Ukrainian singer MARUV won the national selection for Eurovision 2019, but refused to participate. Instead, the artist decided to go on tour in Russia. In aggressor Arista met with fans and performed at the birthday party of Iosif Prigozhin, the producer of the singer Valeria.

So, April 2 in the Moscow hotel Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park , an event was held in honor of the 50th anniversary of Prigogine. It should be noted that producer and his wife were denied entry to the territory of Ukraine and Latvia because of the support of the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas.

On the days of the birth of Joseph, except MARUV, visited and other stars of show business, who are unwanted guests in Ukraine. Among them, Yana Rudkovskaya, Inna Malikova, Nikolai Baskov, Natasha Koroleva, and others.

Recall MARUV lit with a hot girlfriend, but ran into criticism

As previously reported, “Znayu”, MARUV preparing a video for the song, which began with scandal at the Eurovision song contest 2019

Also “Znayu” I wrote that MARUV leaned in latex gangsters


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