Ukrainian businessman deprived the soloist “ivanushek” light and heat: “in my life, it never happened”

Украинский бизнесмен лишил солиста "Иванушек" света и тепла: "У меня в жизни такого не происходило"

today, 21:17

Ukrainian businessman Yakov Gribov turned off the electricity in the house frontman of the famous pop group “Ivanushki International” Kirill Dee-Dee. The house is located in the village of Klokovo at Trinity. This was reported by local residents.

Украинский бизнесмен лишил солиста "Иванушек" света и тепла: "У меня в жизни такого не происходило"

Cyril Dee-Dee

So, Dee-Dee at the moment, went on tour, and the news about disabling simply left him in shock.

“How to live without water, I don’t know. The situation with water is, of course, some kind of shock. To me this does not happen. The house has no sewage system, no heating, the most important thing — no water, from-for what, in fact, there is nothing else. There is no water because my dear neighbors once again severing one of the communications,” he said.

Members of the media claim that the businessman plans to build a road to his house. But local residents intend to go to court.

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