Ukrainian celebs shared awkward moments of life

Украинские знаменитости поделились неловкими моментами из жизни

Stars open up on the show “Hto zverhu.”

Members of the men’s team of the show “Who’s on top?” composed by Sergei Prytula, Eugene, Gasenko, Artem Pivovarov, Eugene and Triplow told exciting and hitherto unknown history, according to the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Artem Pivovarov said that he studied at the medical College and during the practice took delivery.

“Three times I was present – he said. First I took the boy, then a girl and another boy. By the way, the cord cutting I don’t trust”.

Awkward moments: how Prytula won the phone, and the actor from “Diesel Sho” lost calicocat from the show Who’s on top.

“Let Tobi God has trich obovate dwellers their priynyati – wished Artem Pritula.

Himself Sergei told about how hated karaoke 11 years ago helped him win the phone.

“I things only perehv s Ternopil, and in MENA CCB duzhe paskudny phone, – says Sergey Prytula. – I once on vdrift jogos restaurant on naberezny Dnipra Kuzma Skryabin, that CCB veduchikh, Golosov scho bude karaoke at a time, and winner otima phone. And I, the dwellers VI rozumni, I can’t stand karaoke. Ale Wishaw, taking to hands mcraven I saspan United pisnyu, Yak znav angliskoy povnistyu, – “Lady in Red”. Zavdyaki, Multicam, yakih Bulo bagato, I proykov further. And final I saspan pisnyu Gaduka Gadiukiny “Fine Misto Ternopil”. “Salita” people Sal Bulo bilshe, than Teresa. After that the “HEU HEU HEU “-“–” was of course, hto Wigram”.

“It was the shooting of the series, – remembering actor “Diesel Show” Eugene Gashenko. – In the story, I’m single, so before you start take off my wedding ring. We shot at one location, then moved to second and third. And when I returned home, I realized that we never find the ring. His wife was not killed… but a bit crippled (laughs). It took six months. I bought a new car and the old gave his wife. But before that I decided to clean the trunk, and there, among the rubbish, found your wedding ring.”

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