Ukrainian championship of figure skating will take Kiev

Чемпіонат України з фігурного катання прийматиме Київ

Photo: UFFC

The national tournament will take place towards the end of this year

The best Russian figure skaters will soon gather at the capital Ice arena on the street, Select where 17-20 December will be a key national tournament of the season 2018/19 – championship of Ukraine.

This is the official website of the Ukrainian Federation of figure skating.

To compete for the championship title and a place in the January European championship in Minsk, will step on the ice, as requested, in singles 12 men and 17 women, three sports, and four dance couples.

An interesting fight is expected in all disciplines of the sport. In particular, in the men’s singles the team’s leader Jaroslaw Panato, who trains in California (USA) under the leadership of Vyacheslav Zagorodniuk, are preparing to challenge the 16-year-old Ivan Shmuratko.

In women’s figure skating with high probability we can assume that more of the viewer’s attention will get Anastasia Archove. In the absence of Anna Chichenkov its closest rivals are likely to be sisters Govi.

In the sport ice dancing is hard to predict even the course of the struggle. The intrigue lies in the fact that three of the Duo have roughly the same chances of championship laurels. We are talking about Alexander Nazarov and Maxim Nikitin, Daria Popova and Vladimir Belikov and Julia W atou and Yan Lukovskiy.

Representation at the national championship pairs allows us to conclude: pairs skating, although not as fast, but still returned to Ukraine. To participate in the competition until declared three duets: Sofiya Nesterova – Artem Darinskii, Sofiya Golichenko – Ivan Pavlov and Victoria Bychkova, Ivan Hobta.

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