Ukrainian drivers face another increase in fines

Укрaинским вoдитeлям грозит oчeрeдное пoвышeние штрaфoв

In Ukraine will significantly increase the fine for transporting children without car seats Ukrainian drivers should wait for the next increase of fines. This time they will change about the rules of PereVesti of children in cars,writes the with reference to Avtotema

In the draft law No. 10130 talks about new fines for violation of rules of transportation of children in vehicles: a fine plan from 510 to 850 UAH.

In accompanying the bill, the Memorandum stated that the risk of death during an accident for a child when using a special child seat is reduced to 80 (world health organization). In addition, given the data of the research company “Ipsos”, according to which only 12 Ukrainian drivers use a car seat for a child under the age of 6 years and almost never used for children over six.

For example, in some European countries, the utilization rate ranged from 93 to 99 the document Also stated the fines the EU member States in the absence of special seats when transporting children: for example, in Poland the fine is 35 Euro, Germany punishes the driver with a fine of 60 Euro, Czech Republic 78, and the largest fine in Estonia for 400 euros.

If the bill is approved by Parliament, the penalty for lack of seats when transporting a child will amount to 510 UAH. that is, if the violation will be registered for the first time in a year. For a similar violation for the second time this year the driver will be punished by the amount of 850 UAH.


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