Ukrainian ethnic style: what styles of embroidery in fashion

Stylists tips for choosing shirts for Independence Day

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August 24, Ukrainians will celebrate Independence Day, 2019. And the most important attribute of the festival is the embroidered shirt. In honor of the upcoming 28th anniversary of this event, we decided to tell you what styles and colors of women’s shirts are relevant in this year.

Under the shirt all except the classics. So suggest Ukrainian women personal stylists.

“Let’s forget about what shirt to wear exclusively under classic trousers or a skirt. No! We destroy these myths. It is better to choose ripped jeans or shorts. Absolutely no difference what shape they are, let them be a little tight and wide,” recommends stylist Olga Nagornaya.

Украинский этностиль: какие фасоны вышиванки в моде

Fashionable images with embroidery 2019

If you want to wear a skirt, it is also not necessary to opt for the classics. And better leather.

“Don’t wear short skirts and below the knee, MIDI length. The dress can be worn in two types – with a belt, which will emphasize your waist, and without,” says Olga.

And now more about dresses with embroidery will tell designer Yulia Magdych. She advises to forget about the narrow cuts – the freer the better. The sleeves should be flared or the so-called balloon with a rubber band on your wrist.

Украинский этностиль: какие фасоны вышиванки в моде

Yulia Magdych / Photo: from personal archive

“Now very relevant are all sorts of female elements – wings, wings, and all that adds a little touch to the image. For a number of successive shuttlecocks at the peak of popularity,” advises Julia Magdych.

This year forget about the coral color. It is substituted with a very pleasant mint and pistachio shades of green. No less a trend and white, even with light embroidery. Hollywood stars also choose it.Also yellow shades is now very urgent. As for the pattern, you can unleash the imagination.

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“It was mostly embroidered flowers now fruit burst into the fashion. It can be apples, pears and other fruits”, – summed up the designer of embroidery.

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Celebrate Independence Day with the news “Today”:

  • 22 August – see the special “Ukrainian Day” on the daily lives of Ukrainians throughout the world;
  • 23 August – watch out for the Ukrainian expedition and a record of Ukraine to the Day of state flag;
  • August 24 – celebrate Independence Day and join the awarding extraordinary Heroes “Today.”

News “Today” unite the whole country!

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Украинский этностиль: какие фасоны вышиванки в моде

Украинский этностиль: какие фасоны вышиванки в моде

Украинский этностиль: какие фасоны вышиванки в моде


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