Ukrainian group TNMK released a new video clip. Video

Украинская группа ТНМК выпустила новый видеоклип. Видео

The author of the video was Ukrainian film Director and fashion designer Olga navrotskaya.

Ukrainian group TNMK released a video for new song “Angeli” and announced the release of mini-album, which you can hear already on November 23. An impressive movie about angels and demons already captures all of the social network.

The story of the video clip originates from one of her indie fashion film “Inseparable” (Inseparable), which in the summer of 2018 was a huge success at the festival in California. He was nominated 7 times in different categories, and subsequently noted two other nominations at the festival in London.

First there was the music, which was written by the bassoon. Then came the idea for a fashion video. Then the lyrics and finally the music video for TNMK. I saw a scene that gave me mixed feelings… It was a kiss of an angel and a demon. At this point I suddenly realized how close our relationship is good and evil in our world and realized that they are inseparable. For me this is a story about the internal struggle. On acceptance of the dark side of life,– said Olga navrotskaya, adding that the idea for the video came to her during meditation.

The main character of the video was the owl, as this bird for the Director is very special. According to the author of the clip, in different countries, owls are treated differently: “this is their strength! The owls are not what they seem to us.”

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