Ukrainian hammers won two medals of world championship U-20

Українські молотобойці виграли дві медалі чемпіонату світу U-20

World champion U-20 was the Briton Jake Norris

Michael Cohan and Michael Gavrilyuk became silver and bronze medalists in hammer throwing at the U20 world Cup, which takes place in Tampere.

This reports the press service of the athletics Federation of Ukraine.

Gavrilyuk before the fifth attempt was in the top three, while Cohan throw to mark a personal record (79,68 m) pushed beyond the “prizes” and he did not rise to the intermediate second position.

Fight to the last, Gavrilyuk was able to return to the top three.

Attempt to 77,71, he won the bronze medal. And this result became his personal best.

World champion U-20 was the Briton Jake Norris (80,65 m).

Note that the Junior sword hammer weighing 6 kg.

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