Ukrainian Kardashian had cut her eyes and showed the opposite direction of attractiveness

Украинская Кардашьян искромсала глаза и показала обратную сторону привлекательности

today, 11:56

From Kiev Alena Omovich, who became famous as Instagram model and “Ukrainian Kim Kardashian,” he boasted on his page in the social network consequences of the next plastic surgery. Now the Ukrainian put under the knife your eyes to achieve the perfect cat cut.

“I always wanted her almond-shaped eyes instead of round!” – talks about his dream of a young inhabitant of Kiev. And to realize another dream she was once again helped by plastic surgeons.

“The swelling is going, and I get the picture, which was the dream. What do I do? Cut a small piece of skin on the eyelid and pulled a muscle,” says the woman about the details of the operation.

“Now the look has become very expressive” – happy consequences Omovich.

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Украинская Кардашьян искромсала глаза и показала обратную сторону привлекательности

Although surgical intervention was not pleasant, “my eyes after the procedure, which took only 30 minutes, almost completely healed,” says the model.

Alain Omovich repeatedly turned to plastic surgeons to improve the appearance according to your standards. The model adjusted the nose and lips, increased breast and buttocks, but that is not planning to stop.

Recall that the Ukrainian Kardashian dumped the “strawberry” in Instagram: photo 18+.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, hot Ukrainian Kardashian stripped down naked and showed the mirror its charms: “This is art”.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Ukrainian Kardashian showed favorite just pose on the street: “Like a centaur”.

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