“Ukrainian Mary Poppins” was filmed in the winery

The girl dressed in outfits that at least two hundred years

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"Украинскую Мэри Поппинс" сняли на видео в Виннице

Mila Of Povoroznyk

Ukrainian Mary Poppins can be seen on the streets of Vinnitsa. Refined manners, graceful carriage and outfits that at least two hundred years, the image selected for the daily life of Mila povoroznyk. Instead of jeans and skirts in her wardrobe – long dresses, elegant hats and vintage purses.

On a meeting with “Today” Mila of povoroznyk comes to electric retro bike, in a white dress and a straw hat. The usual blouse and skirt she had replaced the vintage dresses, corsets and underwear. Her images repeat the style of women in the beginning of the tenth, XV and XVIII centuries. Mila says that the clothing of the inhabitant of Vinnytsia attended balls.

“Now there is a romanticizing of that period, if the woman’s life was then so here is a very happy, bright, but people completely forget that ladies gets disenfranchised. Now we can dress up as and then, but enjoy all their freedoms,” says Mila of povoroznyk.

Mila – historical blogger. She says the social networks, how they lived and dressed women at different times. The price is just one costume can reach 15 thousand hryvnia, so most of the dresses Mila sews herself. Accessories buying second-hand. Passers-by do not disregard this lady asked a photo for memory, talking.

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Next week, Mila will suit a retro picnic. Instead of barbecues and alcohol on the holiday will be drinking tea, learn the ancient dances and playing old games.

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"Украинскую Мэри Поппинс" сняли на видео в Виннице

"Украинскую Мэри Поппинс" сняли на видео в Виннице

"Украинскую Мэри Поппинс" сняли на видео в Виннице


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