Ukrainian pop star was awarded for promoting Korea

Украинскую поп-звезду наградили за популяризацию Кореи

Ukrainian singer popularitywith k-pop culture.Charming front-woman of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva known for his longstanding fascination with Korean culture.

Recently the artist received a special award for his contribution to enhancing the Korean image in Ukraine and the Ukrainian image in Korea, and promotion of k-pop culture.

“For several years I admire Korea and never tire of Declaration of love Korean culture, fashion, music and design. I am proud of what this country has become the inspiration for the creation of a concept store unique things Korean brands So Dodo. And thanks to initiatives such as “Ukraine Yak Korea”, Ukrainian artists have the opportunity to represent their country in the world. I’m honored to receive the award from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. I’m sure that this is the beginning of our great creative and musical friendship”? – said the artist.

Украинскую поп-звезду наградили за популяризацию Кореи

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