Ukrainian Premier League – one of the most boring Championships

Украинская Премьер-лига – один из самых скучных чемпионатов Европы

The Agency “Instat” analyzed key statistical indicators of the strongest national Championships.

In the analysis of the styles of the teams “Instat” took into account the indicators of top-10 European Championships according to the current UEFA coefficients table, in which the Ukrainian Premier League occupies the 8th place and is located between Portugal and Belgium.

The number of goals scored per team in the Premier League divides 9-10 place with the championship of Russia (1, 1 ball). The leaders of Turkey and Germany – at 1.4 goals per game.

The strokes for the team championship of Ukraine also lags behind competitors – with the figure of 11.1 Premier League tied for last place with Portugal. The clubs of the Premier League in average per game is applied only 4.1 impact per game. Lower the only of the championship of Russia (4,0).

The number of strokes for the team championship of Ukraine with a rate of 27.2 ranked sixth, ahead of England, Italy, Germany and Russia. Quick to attack the Premier League is fourth with a rate of 17.8 Ukrainian League behind only Belgium, Turkey and Russia.

The level of power struggle “on the second floor” the Premier League is in the middle of the table. Average per game Ukrainian clubs fulfill 11,9 outboard gear. According to this indicator in the Premier League, ahead of only Germany.

As for the fouls, in the Premier League along with Portugal is considered the toughest League. Ukrainian clubs in average per game at 16.3 commit violations.

Total index entertainment “Instat” championship of Ukraine with the rate of 74,4 occupies the last place in the top 10. The most entertaining national Championships dry figures called the Turkish super League and the Belgian Jupiler League.

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