Ukrainian premiere of the TV show ended with the wedding of strangers (photos)

Премьера украинского телепроекта закончилась свадьбой незнакомцев (фото)

The STB channel launched a social-psychological project “Experiments.” In the first edition of lonely young men tried to find my soul mate. One of the couples picked up in a scientific way.

Dmitry and Olga on the results of psychological research have been the perfect partners. However, the next day the couple broke up. Another couple — Yana and Ilya agreed to spend 21 days living in one apartment. On arrival the young people were suddenly invited… to legitimize the relationship. Without excitement, Ilya and Yana answered each other time to say: “Yes!”.

Премьера украинского телепроекта закончилась свадьбой незнакомцев (фото)

Why fear? commented on “FACTS” in its decision of Jan. — You need to go forward! I think each of us knew what he is seeking in life. At first I thought that Ilya is not serious: a huge beard, sneakers, pants to his knees. Then he wanted to talk to him, to get to know. You know, when we decided to live together, I had a feeling that I’m going home to a loved one. And when we were asked to sign, without hesitation followed him.

Channel STB, put your experiment, and I his, — said Ilya. — Jan and I am very hot and adventurous, so when we were asked to sign is a little surprised, but we were ready for a change. For us it was not an experiment, and life.

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