Ukrainian singer boasted grown daughters

Украинская певица похвасталась подросшими дочерьми

Fans enthusiastically embraced family photo Gorbacheva.Olga Gorbachev and Yuri Nikitin – one of the strongest pairs of Ukrainian show business.

Of course, in the romantic stories of spouses there were quarrels and high-profile breakups, but now they are together and, apparently, very happy, writes the with reference to viva.

But if you had Olga and Yuri were ready to share their personal and intimate with the public, but now they prefer to protect the family fortune from prying eyes. That’s why stars rarely appear together in public and don’t post many family photos in Instagram, only occasionally delighting fans of the frames of a personal nature.

So, Gorbachev is placed in the microblog photo, which depicted with her beloved husband by Yuri Nikitin and daughters, Pauline and Serafima.

“My strength”, – has signed a frame Gorbachev.

Украинская певица похвасталась подросшими дочерьми

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