Ukrainian singer boasted slender legs in mini dress

Украинская певица похвасталась стройными ногами в мини-платье

The actress admitted that taking the son to the shooting.Ukrainian singer TARABAROVA spoke about how her life changed after the birth of her son.

According to the singer, 2018 became one of the most pleasant and fruitful: “This year was very inspirational, I wanted to create, to write, to sing. Of course, this is largely due to a magic condition of pregnancy and the birth of the son”.

The actress also said that much has changed after the appearance of the child that is immediately noticed all the surrounding and close.

“I do say, Yes, I myself notice that he became calmer. If I used to actively gesticulate and talk loudly, but now my voice became more calm and quiet, I say more gently,” admitted the singer behind the scenes of the show “the Fabulous nich on canal “Ukraine”, which will air on December 31.

Son TARABAROVA – only three months, but the actress admits that often takes him to a shooting: “I Try to be with him as much time as possible together. Here to shoot the show “the Fabulous nich” we came together: we identified a single heated room, so I can feed Ivan, because he is still breastfeeding and I hope this process is not interrupted as long as possible. After all, we have six hours on the set, during this time, three times need to eat. But I am calm because I knew that it is a project of the channel “Ukraine”, here all understand your people, so I’m very comfortable.”

Украинская певица похвасталась стройными ногами в мини-платье

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