Ukrainian singer presented a rousing song. Video

Украинский певец представил зажигательную песню. Видео

Fans appreciated the new driving song Pianoboy.

Dance composition in the spring, published in official YouTube channel.

“Icebergs” is a real song-lighter, a live action movie. I wrote in the summer, when we played many festivals and met many new people. She has a rather unusual shape – it sounds like a kaleidoscope of different, but bright emotions from the soulful and brooding, before exploding and forcing to jump for joy,” commented Shurov composition.

The musician explained that the difficult vocal part of the chorus led him to record an entire chorus of different voices, who together prapawat keywords.

“It gave the song the flight and unity, which are the pride of our concerts. The result is a dance song with a content that may be unusual, but fresh. I dream about that song “Icebergs” included people and set them on constructive. I believe that music is the most powerful and fastest means of transportation of energy,” said Shurov.

Fans appreciated the new Groovy song, Pianoboy, adding that it instantly lifts your mood.

“I’ve been waiting for the premiere of this song! This is perfect. The song lifts the mood instantly”, “It’s really cool”, “Nice to listen to such music”, “Thank you for this crazy track that I want to party! The mood lifted 10,000%”, “So good and soulful! I want to listen to again and again,” commented by users.

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