Ukrainian star spoke about the problem, which is not spoken aloud

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Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Stars talk about the sensitive issue

A theme you’ve decided to raise in the “Sravi way” among our stars, it is not accepted not only to discuss in society, but also ashamed to share with their families. This is a problem of hemorrhoids.

Star about the problem of hemorrhoids

Victor Sidorenko, doctor-proctologist says: “Nothing in this shameful no, it’s a disease, like all others, only located in this more or less intimate place. 98% of the population, and 3%, hide it, they don’t tell you.”

Let’s start with those stars that are still afraid to discuss the problem of hemorrhoids out loud. Although star spouses Edgar and Thank Kaminskie do not relish discussion of the subject in front of the camera, add about intimate problems are always discussed at home in private. And Edgar, as a doctor, immediately competent States: “the Glory of hemorrhoids no can write”.

This is despite the fact that the woman gave birth twice. And both times by caesarean section. Probably why the Glory and spared this unpleasant for all moms problem! Moreover, according to the proctologist, this applies to everyone who gave birth, without exception.

“If a difficult birth, they will definitely complicate the course of hemorrhoids,” says the doctor.

“It’s pretty common, but the main thing here is to react properly to care for themselves after birth from the very first day. And then the problem will not be”, – says the singer Alyosha, who has two children.

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Svetlana Tarabarova

Denies hemorrhoids and newly minted first-time mother Vani – redhead Svetlana Tarabarova: “Thank God, I was lucky. I know such a problem, some even it appears in the last months of pregnancy. It is very unpleasant. But thank God, I have not.”

Shy away from this subject and the mother of an adult daughter and minor son producer: Irina Gorovaya. Moreover, she said that to discuss the disease for her is unacceptable, even with family members: “There are doctors and there are some hospitals where you can go and solve this problem. And that’s what you should not say.”

But ward Gorovoy, member of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva, closed his producer in this matter does not support: “I want to say that this is a problem that really exists, and that’s okay, I think everything connected with health, be not can be. So for me to even talk on this subject is absolutely not a problem.”

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Vladimir Ostapchuk

Supports the singer and TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk: “All that contagious, it is not ugly”. However, in order not to jinx it, immediately makes an official statement: “It’s like advertising, you know. Good afternoon, my name is Vladimir Ostapchuk and I have never had hemorrhoids.”

Although a leading “the Wound W with Ukraine”, Svetlana Katrenko, the problem of hemorrhoids is also not known, but she supports his colleague that there is nothing in this thread is shameful, “This is wrong. It’s like, you know .. on there, and no words. It does not happen. Have to say on this topic. This is the same health. I don’t understand people who are embarrassed to go to the doctor with problems. This is all nonsense. If the doctor had never seen. Especially if he is a narrow specialist in this field, well, he then learned, he exactly saw. No need to be shy”.

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух


In solidarity with Ostapchuk and Katrenko and showman Jiji: “Nothing to be ashamed of! What do you think, go shy on this subject do not say. Think you do not. You do not hesitate, if something hurts, go to the doctor”.

And immediately, just in case, refutes a possible guess: “I while this was not”.

A proctologist claims that the hemorrhoids in one form or another each person has. Just the age and the extent of the disease is different for everyone. Victor Sidorenko immediately adds that almost all Ukrainian stars for once Yes, he was at the reception: “With all the stars worked. Yes, they are the same people. They have a halo here (points to head). And there they all are arranged so as all normal people. In addition, given their lifestyle, quite often they have hemorrhoids”.

Under the lifestyle of the stars the doctor implies, first, enhanced sport mode – and this is five workouts a week, which can be a cause of hemorrhoids. And especially challenging – it’s hard to believe – excessive swing of the press! And yet alcohol, which is so often misused celebrity, also is the causative agent of hemorrhoids. So everyone should have their own doctor-the proctologist.

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Vyacheslav Solomka

Role model is a TV presenter and actor Glory Straw that appeals to a specialist for this profile, one per trimester: “I went to the urologist and the proctologist. It’s part of men’s health. This is absolutely normal. If you look at the slice of our audience, we are watching people in small towns, villages, village points, etc., a lot of people suffer from this disease, hemorrhoids. Housewives suffer from hemorrhoids, taxi drivers, truckers”.

The actress is “Real mysticism” Elena Repina – she’s a hard worker Vera – also got hemorrhoids giving birth to her son more than 20 years ago. The woman denies all comments star moms about what they supposedly neither sleep nor the spirit of how it is when your rectum falls out: “unfortunately, every pregnant woman is manifested. Unfortunately. And especially women who give birth is very difficult. This is a very dangerous disease. The woman even at the time, wrote and published an article about hemorrhoids and methods for its treatment”.

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Dima Kolyadenko

“I did two operations. Because it is a disease that, unfortunately, is not cured until the end. I came radically and I forgot what it is,” said Repin.

Shares his feelings from the unpleasant disease of the showman and choreographer Dmitry Kolyadenko, who learned that he had hemorrhoids when he was barely 25! Says, then it literally fell rectum because he, a young dancer, lifted their partners: “It’s either sit down or stand up, and you think about it, that you were hurt, hurts, itches and all that. This is a terrible disease. I was scared. Nothing helped. Neither ointment, nor candles. That’s all advertise it all to one place. And I ran to the men’s clinic and all the advice. Such a special wand and right the ice was removed. Exactly five minutes of operation and more never will be.”

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Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух

Украинские звезды рассказали о проблеме, о которой не говорят вслух


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