Ukrainian team at the indoor hockey was the third tournament in the Netherlands

Українська команда з індорхокею стала третьою на турнірі у Нідерландах

Photo taken from PHTO

Ukrainka “Sumchanka” was the only person invited from abroad

GMT “citizen of Sumy” took part in the Christmas tournament indoor hockey in the Netherlands.

This is the official site of Federation of hockey of Ukraine.

It competed in eight women’s and men’s teams.

Among them there was only one non-local team – Ukrainian.

Ukrainian girls played in four days seven games, five of which won and took third place.

In the group of sumchanka won Boxing MEP (7:2), HDM (10:8), HGC (5:3) and Laren (9:8).

In the final group Ukrainka beat IJsseloever (10:0) and lost to HDM (3:7) and Oranje-Rood (3:5).

Thus, MSC “the citizen of Sumy” took the third place.

Earlier, the Ukrainian girls won the international indoor hockey tournament in Belarus.

But the Ukrainian women’s team to have won the international tournament indoor hockey in Germany.

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