Ukrainian transvestite diva Monroe stirred the social network photo with the “Oscar”

Украинская травести-дива Монро взбудоражила соцсети фотографией с "Оскаром"

Monroe, Timur Miroshnichenko and Alexander Rybak

today, 08:49

As you know, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter, actress and blogger Diva Monroe actively own Instagram page and often pleases fans of various photos and videos. So, this time the singer shared her impressions on the 92-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”, which lasted 6 hours.

“When I ran the marathon, 42 km 195 m, I thought, well, now I can do anything. The code I had in the air six hours, tracking and voicing everything that was going on Oscars2020, I now can do EVERYTHING a little bit more,” confessed Monroe.

Украинская травести-дива Монро взбудоражила соцсети фотографией с "Оскаром"

A screenshot of the message

She also gave advice to the Ukrainians that we always need to believe in yourself and never give up.

“When you do and achieve more, you already know, challenge yourself, climb one step higher, be sure to praise yourself and commit this moment to memory. Is your personal Grand slam, the Stanley Cup, an Oscar, your new peak of Everest! Next will be more interesting, believe me, I’m not going to go into the shadows”, she concluded.

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