Ukrainian TV presenter revealed the secrets of a good selfie

Украинская телеведущая раскрыла секреты удачных селфи

Find your best angles.Leading petrovici social reality “Auditor with Tishchenko,” on the New channel revealed the secrets of a good photo camera, reports the with reference to lime.

Rules perfect selfie from Lena Filonov

– If this is a joint selfie, always pay attention to how the frame look not only you, but the person photographed. I always watch it when doing photo or selfie videos. Spread combines photos, which other people don’t like about yourself – ugly and disrespectful.

– Pay attention to lighting – is the key to the success of any photo! Ideally, when you take a selfie with his face to the light of day. Thus, your photos will look much better from a technical point of view, but on the face will not be superfluous shadows.

– Find your best angles to use them even in the most unexpected photos, not just selfies. After a small experiment with camera angles, no random photo you will not confuse! Also, determine what your so-called “working” side – right or left. Knowing your can sometimes switch places with the “neighbors” photo or ask a photographer to shoot me from the other side.

To look slimmer on a photo in the full-length mirror, holding the phone a little higher. Do not stand absolute full face. Better stand in profile or semi-profile, lower your other hand along the silhouette or on the side.

– Before you post a photo, make sure that it was not “puncture”. People often don’t follow the details, laying out images, which, for example, the figure looks great, and the person the position is drawn.Украинская телеведущая раскрыла секреты удачных селфи

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