Ukrainian TV presenter took the parody clip MARUV

The showman is not the first time a record of these parodies

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Украинский телеведущий снял пародию на клип MARUV

Vladimir Ostapchuk

Ukrainian singer MARUV presented a provocative video for the song Siren Song. This video is not left unattended and Ukrainian showman Vladimir Ostapchuk who takes parody video stars.

This time his “victim” became the singer MARUV. Its a parody of the song Siren Song Ostapchuk called the “Eurovision dream”. In the video Vladimir with a gag in his mouth and heels dancing.

“Vova is a nightmare: in the absence of the candidate, the only one who can represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest is exactly what it is. The agents of the “Department for combating Eurovision” come home to artist and volunteer force are forced to represent the country at the Eurovision song contest. The comic situation is that Ostapchuk must act as the most MARUV, keeping her style “intelligent provocation”, that the viewer did not notice the substitution. What ended his dream?”, reads the video description.

We will remind, earlier Vladimir Ostapchuk posted on his Instagram a photo with his wife Elena.

Watch the video about the fact that Ukraine will not participate in the Eurovision song contest in 2019:

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Украинский телеведущий снял пародию на клип MARUV

Украинский телеведущий снял пародию на клип MARUV

Украинский телеведущий снял пародию на клип MARUV


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