Ukrainians claim advances in the south

Ukrainians claim advances in the south


The Ukrainians claimed to have destroyed an ammunition depot as well as a pontoon bridge and to have taken over several localities during their counter-offensive in southern Ukraine.  

“An enemy ammunition depot was destroyed near Tomyna Balka”, a locality west of the city of Kherson, as well as a pontoon bridge near the village of Lvové and a Russian army control center southeast of Kherson, assumed the southern command of the Ukrainian army on Facebook overnight from Sunday to Monday. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the resumption of “two localities in the south” and a third in the east, without specifying their names, in his daily message on Sunday evening. 

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko said at the same time that the Ukrainian flag was raised in the village of Vysokopillia in northern Kherson region, almost entirely in Russian hands. 

This locality was captured in mid-March and had been near the front line since late June when the Ukrainian army approached it, according to media reports. 

“The Ukrainian counteroffensive is making demonstrable progress in the south and east,” said the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) analysis center. , in its report published on Sunday. 

“Ukrainian forces are advancing along several axes in the western Kherson region and have secured territory across the Siversky Donets, a river, in the Donetsk region,” continued ISW. 

According to the Southern Ukrainian Command, the Kyiv forces are primarily seeking to disrupt “the system of troop management and that of logistics” of the Russian army using airstrikes and artillery. 

Russian forces attacked Ukraine on February 24 from the east, north and t from the south of its territory. After failing to take Kyiv, they eventually withdrew from northern Ukraine, concentrating on the east and south.