Ukrainians get divorced because of subsidies

Украинцы разводятся из-за субсидий

Cases of divorce have become more frequent in families where the couple is registered at different addresses. About this informed the head of the Lozova city Department of labour and social protection of the population of Victoria was Kibkalo.

Main reason for divorce – new rules of granting subsidies. Now, if the petitioner is married and her husband was in another place, are considered to be the income both. The income of the spouse is counted in two locations – and registration, and accommodation. In connection with the new rules of calculation of subsidies lost six thousand Lozovan.

“Now it is necessary to declare that a husband at a different address. But his income will also be taken for the appointment of subsidies. So people find a way out of this situation – apply for divorce, and these cases have become more frequent,” said Victoria had Kibkalo, quotes

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