Ukrainians more money transferred home

Украинцы все больше денег переводят домой

For the year 2018 using the money transfer systems in Ukraine were transferred to 2.3 billion US dollars in equivalent.

For 2018 in Ukraine with the use of transfer systems created both residents and nonresidents, was transferred 2.3 billion dollars in value. Most of the money came into the country from the United States, reports the online edition of the with reference to the UNN.

“For 2018 by using a system of transfer of funds was transferred in Ukraine – 2.3 billion dollars. US equivalent (28,28% of the total amount of transfers), outside Ukraine – 294 million dollars. US equivalent (3,61% of the total amount of remittances) in Ukraine – 150,53 billion UAH or of 5.54 billion. US equivalent (68,11% of the total amount of remittances)”, – stated in the message.

It is known that the largest volume of cross-border transfers carried out using transfer systems – US residents: 82% in Ukraine and 98% – from Ukraine.

It is noted that Ukraine remains a country-recipient of cross-border transfers. For 2018, the amount of money received in Ukraine using the international systems of money transfer, is eight times the amount of money sent abroad.

In the context of the countries the volume of transfers carried out through money-transfer system, as follows: to Ukraine from USA – 17%, Israel 13%, Russia – 9%, Italy 8% from Poland and 7% from other countries (221) – 46%.

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