Ukrainians will be able to see the “worm supermoon”

Украинцы смогут увидеть «червячное суперлуние»

When you can see it.

On the night of March 21 at 3:43 Moscow time the Ukrainians will be able to see the Supermoon – an unusual phenomenon, when the moon will appear 10% more than usual, reports the with reference to

At this time, the Moon will reach perigee will be closest to Earth on its elliptical orbit and, therefore, will seem greatest for those who were watching.

This Supermoon is called “worm” – it is believed that at this time the earth begins to warm and becomes warmer and more humid, so be the first earthworms.

A special feature will be that it will occur a few hours after the vernal equinox.

Украинцы смогут увидеть «червячное суперлуние»

Украинцы смогут увидеть «червячное суперлуние»


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