Unable to raise a million euros to pay his bail, Brazilian Dani Alves will remain in prison

Unable to raise a million euros to pay his bail, Brazilian Dani Alves will remain in prison

Depuis son incarcération début 2023, la situation financière de l’ex-international brésilien se serait dégradée. EFE – Antonio Lacerda

L’ex-joueur du Barça ou du PSG, condamné à quatre ans et demi de prison pour viol, n’a pour l’instant pas pu payer la caution nécessaire à sa remise en liberté provisoire.

Brazilian Dani Alves will remain in prison until at least Monday because he was unable to raise the money needed to pay his one million bail in time before the weekend ;euros demanded for his release after his conviction for rape.

Since Wednesday and the announcement of the decision of the Barcelona court which accepted the principle of this release, the player’s defense has not managed to file the’ money before 2 p.m., the daily cut-off time for this type of procedure, judicial sources told AFP.

In a race against time to raise this sum, his lawyer even went so far as to ask for an extension of one hour, up to 3 p.m., but that will not have been enough. The footballer, sentenced to four and a half years in prison for rape, will have to remain behind bars until Monday, when the judicial service responsible for the subject will reopen after the weekend.

Dani Alves has been in Brians 2 prison, 40 kilometers northwest of Barcelona, ​​for 14 months. Despite his brilliant career in football, including FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris SG, Dani Alves seems not to have the funds to pay his bail: the player is waiting to receive significant reimbursements from the Spanish public treasury after having had several tax disputes.

Neymar's father won't pay

Neymar's father denied on Thursday that he would cover the payment of this bail, having provided financial assistance to Dani Alves after his arrest.

The footballer's financial situation has deteriorated considerably since his arrest in January 2023, including the suspension of his contract with the Mexican club Pumas and the cessation of other sources of income, explains his defense.

For the prosecution and the civil parties, who opposed this release, Alves' economic power is still significant, and they believe that there remains a risk of flight . The magistrates estimated in their decision that this danger was "reduced" after his conviction at first instance but recognized that the real economic situation of & rsquo;Alves was unknown, although one could assume a "broad economic solvency".

In addition to the payment of this bail of one million euros, the court had set as conditions for his release from prison the confiscation of his two Spanish and Brazilian passports, l’ obligation to report to court every week, the ban on leaving Spain, as well as the ban on approaching the victim and communicating with her.

Alves was sentenced on February 22 to four and a half years of imprisonment for the rape of a young woman on the night of December 30 to 31, 2022 in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​a sentence much lower than the prosecution's demands, which called for nine years in prison. All parties have announced that they will appeal.

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