“Unacceptable,” Stephanie Gauthier: six months before a double tragedy

«Inacceptable» de Stéphanie Gauthier: six mois avant un double drame

For his fourth novel, the novelist and playwright Stephanie Gauthier offers a suspenseful psychological intimate and finely carried out, Unacceptable. Exploring universal themes such as the life of the couple and their friendship, it leads its readers into a plot with twists and turns unexpected, showing everything that has happened, six months prior to a double drama.

Stéphanie Gauthier
Editions Quebec America
480 pages”>

Stéphanie Gauthier
Editions Quebec America
480 pages

Joseph is a psychiatrist. Philippe is an investigative reporter, respected and recognized. These two fathers of a family, the best friends in the world, are found dead in suspicious circumstances, a few hours apart.

Widows, Sabine and Laura, are mourning their man, but so many questions remain without answers that they decide to conduct their own investigation. The colleague of one of them, Amandine, is that there is eel under rock and also conducts its investigation in parallel.

With a feather, precise and full of humanity, Stephanie Gauthier tells what happened in the six months prior to the double tragedy. Writing a mystery novel and was passionate.

“As a reader, I love to read thrillers and psychological watch of the police series. You can explore the human psyche, where ordinary people can commit crimes,” she said, in an interview. She admires the work of the american novelist Patricia Highsmith and have read all his novels.

In Unacceptable, she liked to present his plot from several points of view, which overlap on the pages. “I like to have complicated structures with a flash-back, different versions. The chronology of the novel has been my biggest challenge,” she adds. She worked on the novel over several years, putting aside for a moment to write The Mould.

She liked to play on the appearances in Unacceptable, featuring two couples-affluent, who each have two children, travelling together, where everything seems to be perfect. “They have their secrets…”, she says.


The plot allowed him to explore friendship is very strong between the different characters : that which unites Joseph and Philip, Sabine and Laure, but also the one that lived Amandine and Philippe. “It was a friendship that was very special.”

The writer took pleasure in creating two widows to contrasting viewpoints. “Sabine and Laura have two personalities completely opposite,” says Stephanie, who confides that she is even a bit more of the style of Laure, in more sedate and introverted.

“I loved writing the character of Sabine, which is the opposite, that speaks a lot, who has character and gets angry easily. At the same time, I found it very endearing. I love the dynamic between the two. There is a complicity in their differences.”

♦ Stephanie Gauthier is holding a bachelor of arts and sciences of the University of Montreal.

♦ She is writing lyrics, novelist and playwright.

♦ She has signed three other novels (The domino effect, A girl too curious, The Mold), and several plays.

♦ She is working on a new novel.

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