Unborn baby saved the life of the mother

At the 19th week of pregnancy, the woman was operated on

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Нерожденный ребенок спас жизнь матери

The child helped the doctors to diagnose the disease in the mother

A resident of the English city of Southampton, Hampshire, 29-year-old yasmin Randall noticed a malignant tumor through ultrasound early in pregnancy. About it reports the Daily Mirror.

The woman passed ultrasound in the eighth week of pregnancy. The specialist confirmed that the fetus was developing normally, but found a tumor in the urinary bladder of women. If not for the ultrasound, the tumor could go unnoticed.

The doctors warned Randall that surgery during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. However, delay also was impossible, because the growing tumor can cause internal bleeding. In this case, have jeopardised the lives of child and mother.

At the 19th week of pregnancy Randall operated. By the time the tumor size has increased an inch. To reduce the risk to the fetus, it was removed in spinal anaesthesia, usually used for cesarean section. Because of this, during the operation, the woman remained in consciousness.

The pregnancy continued without complications, and after four months at the Randall daughter was born. “This baby is a miracle, she says. Amazing that she survived the surgery, when I was still in my stomach. Moreover, she saved my life.”

Also, “Today” reported that a woman gave birth at the same time from two different men. In addition, in the hospital of the United States became pregnant and nine nurses.

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Нерожденный ребенок спас жизнь матери

Нерожденный ребенок спас жизнь матери

Нерожденный ребенок спас жизнь матери


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