(Un)containment: Three funny videos

(Dé)confinement: Trois drôles de vidéos

The clubs are still in the unknown about a possible return to the stage. To désennuyer by then, several comic take over the web by posting funny videos. Here are three that have captured our attention in the last few days.

The forest of Adib

Rather inconspicuous at the beginning of the pandemic, Adib Alkhalidey has recently begun a new series of video capsules, referred to In the direct of the forest. In a video released last week, the comedian asked the public to register for activities “para-pandemic” as the ” karate-zoom “.

  • www.facebook.com/adibalkhalidey

The tunes, Julien

A musician in his free time, Julien Corriveau has just launched a new series of videos in collaboration with the record label Grosse Boîte. In Big Tunes, the member of the Appendices shows, with a few jokes in passing, how to play on guitar some songs. In the first video, it presents a piece of Maude Audet, You trembleras yet.

  • www.facebook.com/corriveaujulien

The deodorant Maxim

Maxim Martin is amused with his son William in a video featuring the deodorant Old Spice. The complicity between the father and the son is charming. The apple has not fallen far from the tree !

  • www.facebook.com/maximmartin2m
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