Under California found a huge amount of molten magma

Под Калифорнией нашли огромное количество раскаленной магмы

Scientists say that the volcano might be ready for a huge eruption.

In the popular scientific journal of the Geological Society of America published an article stating that under the California volcano long valley is a huge amount of molten substance, the volume of which is equal to a thousand cubic kilometers, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

It is so huge that in the case of the activity of the long valley in the atmosphere will reach 140 cubic miles of ash and volcanic debris. To understand the magnitude of the disaster: in 1980, the mount St. Helens released in the air is only 0.29 cubic miles of volcanic material.

Scientists believed that a new eruption will happen not earlier than a thousand years. New research showed that the reservoir of magma volcano enough for the new super eruption. To wreak havoc earlier, experts noted, although volcanic substance and rises to the surface since 1980.

The last super eruption of long valley was 760 thousand years ago. According to the derived laws, the activity occurs every 200 thousand years. Scientist David rotary is confident that in the next hundred years, the eruption do not need to wait.

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