Under the Avdeevka passed severe protracted battle. Video

Под Авдеевкой прошел тяжелый затяжной бой. Видео

Ukrainian military told about the long bombardment by the enemy.

Invaders for three hours, beaten on the fortifications of the APU from Avdeyevka, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to BETA.

For a three-hour shelling of the AFU positions the enemy had prepared for the day they say Ukrainian soldiers. Initially, the enemy fired at the defenders of the Town from the shelter, which is arranged in the concrete Foundation of the bridge. The occupants then began firing from all weapons, which they had.

The enemy fired on the fortifications of 12.7 caliber bullet pierces concrete wall – say the fighters APU.

Despite such attacks, the Ukrainian military until the end to hold the defense in Avdeyevka the industrial zone.

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