Under the Dnieper seven vehicles involved in an accident. Video

Под Днепром семь автомобилей попали в ДТП. Видео

Under the Dnieper there was a huge traffic jam because of an accident with 7 cars.

On March 21 at the river street Road within the hour there were two accidents involving seven cars.

As reported by the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to “the Informant” of the accident are interrelated with each other.

According to preliminary information, the accident occurred at the traffic lights, where Domino has faced four cars – Renault, Mercedes, Honda and Mazda. The clash led to the “toffees” and caused another accident involving Renault, Volkswagen and Mazda. The situation between them happened is almost the same.

At the same time near the damaged car of a moving truck opened the side, where the roadway is showered with sunflower seeds. So as the truck was moving in the other lane, both were paralyzed. Because of this, there was a huge traffic jam.


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