Under the ice of Antarctica have discovered ancient continents

Под льдами Антарктиды обнаружили древние континенты

East Antarctica may be a merger of several cratons.

Under Antarctic ice, scientists were able to detect the remains of ancient continents, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24news

The discovery was made possible thanks to the application of the satellite gravity mapping. It belongs to the European space Agency. The name of the data remains the cratons. They represent parts of the lithosphere, formed many years ago. Also, the cratons are the ancient basis of the continents. Experts say that this discovery will help to better understand the early history of the Earth. It is now possible to determine the degree of influence of solid surface on the process of evolution of our planet. It is very important to determine the causes of climate change, characteristic of our time.

In addition, scientists have conducted seismological studies. The results showed differences between the Eastern and Western parts of Antarctica. Experts said that East Antarctica might be a merger of several cratons. This fact opens the way for scientists to supercontinent called Gondwana.

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