Understand the emotional cycles to get better

Understanding emotional cycles to get better


Two years after proposing the hard-hitting documentary “The 108 Journey”, Hugo Rozon continues his quest to understand the emotional cycles of human beings in the documentary series “Like Butterflies”.

Available from Tuesday on the Vrai platform, “Comme des Papillons” invites artists Victoria Charlton, Jérémy Demay, Marc Dupré, High Klassified, Louise Latraverse, Claude Legault, Mariana Mazza and Jonathan Roy to speak openly about their mental health and episodes most difficult in their lives. Their testimonials are inspiring and show that by getting up, often with help, we can bounce back and achieve a balance conducive to success.

< p>Hugo Rozon, who directs the series, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013. “The main purpose of 'Like Butterflies' is to show that all human beings live through emotions. It's not fair, either you have a mental health issue or you're “normal”. There's like a middle ground through it all. We all live through emotional cycles and we all want to be happy,” he said in an interview with QMI Agency.

“With this project, I want to show that It's good to take care of your mental health, no matter who you are, just like you should take care of your physical health,” he added.

The series is very enlightening, in form as well as in subject, and we feel that the participants want, in the same way as its creator, to do useful work by telling their story and sharing their thoughts. This is the case of singer-songwriters Marc Dupré and Jonathan Roy, who confide in about their difficult childhood in the first of four episodes. Both are about perseverance, resilience, courage and determination.

“The bond between all the participants is that the hardships they went through, they faced them and managed to turn it into something positive. With hindsight, they see that it made them grow,” said Mr. Rozon, who himself found his inspiration after two years of research by meeting a person who went through the same path.

< p>The coach of “La Voix” Marc Dupré thus speaks of his difficult childhood, but also of the people who instilled confidence in him, like René Angélil, his late father-in-law. After his father left when he was 10, Marc became aggressive, anxious and ended up in a reception centre. He says he “went from a stable guy to a little bum” in a short time. It was the return of his father, who made amends, as well as the impersonations that brought him back into balance. “I started to love myself again and to dream”, underlines Marc, who is moved during his testimony.

Marc Dupré visualizes the positive a lot and has faced his problems instead of fleeing, says he to explain how he got out of the darkest times.

For his part, Jonathan Roy went on an adventure to California, alone, to reconnect with him- even, to discover oneself too. The son of goalkeeper and trainer Patrick Roy “launched into the void” and began to “listen to what was going on in his head”, he who explains that he has, even today, problems with anxiety that come and go. He performed all kinds of experiments to get better. And like Marc Dupré, he greatly appreciates nature.

Produced by Encore Television, with the collaboration of Quebecor Content, the documentary series “Like butterflies” will be available from April 25 on Vrai.