Unearthly beauty: probe NASA sent a photo of sunset on Mars

Such landscapes on the Earth it is impossible to see a sunset on Mars, blue tint

Evgeniy Opanasenko

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Неземная красота: зонд NASA прислал фото заката на Марсе

Martian landscapes captured by the camera Instrument Deployment Camera

Autonomous Mars probe InSight used for drilling of Mars, sent to Earth a series of magnificent pictures. The photos show the sunrise and sunset on the red planet, which have a bluish tint, unlike the reddish Earth.

Неземная красота: зонд NASA прислал фото заката на Марсе

The sun on Mars looks almost one-third smaller because of the remoteness of the planet

Some images were subjected to computer processing. Experts wanted to show what could see the Martian landscape of the human eye. The result is a selection of photos of unearthly beauty – such landscapes are nowhere to be seen on our planet.

Неземная красота: зонд NASA прислал фото заката на Марсе

Sunrise on Mars – photo adjusted in such a way as if it saw the human eye

Probe InSight, or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, was sent to the red planet about a year ago. A successful landing on the Mars spacecraft has carried out in November 2018.

The main tasks of InSight — a study of the internal structure and processes occurring in the bulk Martian soil. These works probe performs with placed on the surface of the instrument — the seismometer SEIS and tool HP.

Неземная красота: зонд NASA прислал фото заката на Марсе

Of course, the device is equipped with cameras. One of them — Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC) is installed on the manipulator, which was used to install instruments on the surface of Mars. This camera and got photos.

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Recall that earlier we talked about what would happen to someone on Mars. Also previously on the surface of Mars was discovered an ancient artifact from Earth, but on the NASA photos found the dead alien.

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