Unexpectedly: MARUV told about your Hobbies and future plans

Besides music, the singer has many other Hobbies

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Неожиданно: MARUV рассказала о своем хобби и творческих планах


In an interview Today.Lifestyle of the famous Ukrainian singer MARUV told about how it relates to show business, does sports and what he likes to eat. In addition, the actress confessed, what she likes to do besides music. Her answer might surprise you!

“A lot of things different. I love to draw, weave bead. There was a time when I wove a lot, gained a bunch of glass beads, beads, any stones, pearls and did all sorts of bracelets and jewelry. Me it’s very soothing sometimes, gives you the opportunity to think, to reflect. And my hobby is I love to eat (laughs),” admitted MARUV.

Неожиданно: MARUV рассказала о своем хобби и творческих планах


In addition, we asked the singer if she plans to record songs in Ukrainian and Russian: “Ukrainian and Russian songs will. And I still really like the Portuguese language, I think Latin America to look (smiles)”.

MARUV also spoke about the future plans and answered the question of whether to offer her a cooperation with other artists: “Quite often, but sometimes the initiator of this I am. Soon there will be a song with a French artist, and with Jah Khalib awesome track. And I’m with a friend recorded a hip hop version of Black Water, very interesting happened”.

MARUV previously submitted sexy clip Siren Song.

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