United Kingdom: a plan to 3 billion pounds to green the economy

Royaume-Uni: un plan à 3 milliards de livres pour verdir l'économie

LONDON | the Chancellor of The Exchequer Rishi Sunak is planning to announce on Wednesday a comprehensive plan to revive post-coronavirus, which must include 3 billion pounds ($5 billion) dedicated to “green” jobs to “reinvigorate the employment and protect the environment.”

Two billion will be allocated to the renovation and better insulation of the park, private real estate, and more than a billion to buildings in the public sector, including schools, hospitals, and social housing, says a press release by the uk Treasury on Tuesday.

This plan provides for “the creation of thousands of jobs in sectors such as construction” to make the country “more green and help it achieve its goals of carbon neutrality by 2050,” said the release.

The british government table on the renovation of “hundreds of thousands of units of housing” with grants of £ 5,000 per dwelling – 10,000 for low-income families – “to improve the energy efficiency of housing”.

The government of conservative Boris Johnson is planning the creation of some 5 000 green jobs” to the maximum, on a budget of 40 million pounds to “support projects of environmental NGOS and local authorities designed to enhance the beauty of the british landscape, including planting trees, cleaning up rivers and creating new green spaces”, explains the press release.

The recovery plan must be Mr Sunak also includes 111 million pounds to encourage companies to offer internships to young people: they will receive £ 1,000 per trainee, which “has access to a quality training”.

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