United Kingdom: air bridges planned to work around the quarantine

Royaume-Uni: des ponts aériens envisagés pour contourner la quarantaine

LONDON | The british government is thinking of introducing air bridges with certain countries in order to avoid passengers entering the United Kingdom to observe a quarantine, feared by the professionals of tourism, report of the newspaper on Tuesday.

Second country, the more grief-stricken by the new coronavirus, the United Kingdom operates very slowly, a relaxation of the confinement introduced at the end of march, a delicate step and was deemed premature by some scientists. To prevent a recrudescence of the case, London announced the establishment of a quarantine for international arrivals.

From Monday, travelers arriving in the United Kingdom by air, land or sea will have to remain isolated for fourteen days, a project frowned upon by the professionals of the aviation and tourism to warn of potentially catastrophic consequences for their sectors.

But several simplifications to this measure are being considered, report the Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian.

The government, which has stated that it would be reviewed this measure every three weeks, considering allowing air bridges at the end of the month, at the approach of summer vacation, reports the Times.

The countries with which the Uk could establish air bridges will be selected based on their economic importance to the United Kingdom, the level of risk of transmission of the virus, the number of passengers, and the measures in place at airports, reports the daily.

Travellers arriving from Greece, Australia and Portugal could avoid the quarantine, according to the Daily Telegraph. The conservative daily reports that the prime minister Boris Johnson is “personally in favour” of air bridges after criticism within the ranks of conservatives and the cries of alarm of more than 200 patrons of the aviation and tourism as those of Ryanair, or IAG, parent of British Airways.

Travellers subject to quarantine will still be able to go out to buy food or medication, take public transport and change of accommodation if necessary, indicates the Guardian.

The project must be presented Tuesday to the mps who return to parliament after a break.

The government has called for a return to Westminster, wishing to put an end to the hybrid system in place up to the present, with a portion of the members physically present and another following the discussions by video conference. This shift has led to criticism by the parliamentarians, concerned for the most fragile of them.

The members of the House of commons, where Boris Johnson has a vast majority, will vote Tuesday on a government motion putting an end to the possibility of remote voting.

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