United states: 66 of 528 new cases in 24 hours, new record

États-Unis: 66 528 nouveaux cas en 24h, nouveau record

The United States has identified Saturday 66 528 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours, a new record for this country, the hardest hit in the world by the pandemic, according to the Johns Hopkins university.

The total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic rises Saturday at 3 242 073, according to this university based in Baltimore (is) and whose balance sheets make reference. The number of deaths amounted to 134 729 or 760 more than Friday.

The daily number of new infections has exceeded 60 000 for the fifth straight day in the United States where, by the admission even of the health authorities, the epidemic is out of control in several States.

For the first time, the president, Donald Trump has been wearing a mask publicly Saturday, on the occasion of a visit to a military hospital near Washington. Mr. Trump, who downplays the severity of the pandemic, was until now reluctant to this preventive measure, like a large number of his supporters.

Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of now the management of the pandemic by Mr. Trump, according to a poll by ABC released on Friday, compared with a half in April. The polls for the election of 3 November to give a nine-point lead on average to his opponent, democrat Joe Biden.

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