United states : a top official of health does not exclude new sub

États-Unis : un haut responsable de santé n’exclut pas de nouveaux confinements

NEW YORK | “Everything should be considered” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the american States where it speeds up, including a return to confinement more strict, said Sunday the assistant secretary for Health, Brett Giroir, the day after a new record of positive cases in the United States.

More than 66,000 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in one day on Saturday, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university.

Six States, including North Carolina, Arkansas and South Carolina, have beaten Saturday, the record of the people who test positive on one day.

For Brett Giroir, a physician and a paediatrician by training, it is already necessary to close the bars in the States most affected, as well as limit the ability to host indoor restaurants.

At the end of June, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has ordered the closure of bars and set the capacity of the restaurants at 50 % of the standard configuration, a back after you have softened the containment.

California, Florida and Arizona have also taken steps to close or restrict attendance of the bars, followed this week by the Nevada and Louisiana.

South Carolina, Arkansas and Alabama, all homes of important new cases, there is, however, not ordered to close.

The government expects a further increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths in the days to come, even if the mortality rate is significantly lower today than at the beginning of the pandemic, said Brett Giroir.

The increase is expected to continue “these next two or three weeks, before it was reversed”, he explained on ABC.

The manager has insisted on the necessity of wearing a mask in the regions most affected to hope to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“For this to work, it is necessary that 90 % of people wear a mask in public”, has he hammered. “If this is not the case, we will not be able to control the virus.”

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