United States: CNN presenters asked to reduce their alcohol consumption on the air during the New Year

ÉUnited States: CNN presenters urged to reduce their consumption of ;alcohol on the air on New Year's Eve


American news giant CNN has asked its star anchors to cut down on their on-air alcohol consumption for New Year's Eve. 

< p>During a meeting in the presence of the new president of the television channel Chris Licht, the latter considered that “the consumption of alcohol on the air harmed the credibility of the CNN teams and the 'respectability' of which they could cum to viewers,” reported US magazine Variety.

In recent years, US viewers have become accustomed to seeing presenter Anderson Cooper and his colleagues having a drink in Times Square, in New York, with the party in full swing behind them.

Scenes that made the buzz, showing a hilarious Anderson Cooper or his co-anchor Andy Cohen chaining tequila shots with more or less of success.

Their colleague Don Lemon had even had an ear pierced in dir etc. Last year, he also said “You can kiss my behind, I don't care” in a tirade where he explained that he had the right to express his opinions.