United States: his captors force him to dance with a dress



Three people have been arrested in Florida, United States, on suspicion of physically assaulting a man, in addition to forcing him to dance with a dress.

The victim, he claims, was abducted by three individuals as he walked along a street in Collier County, as reported by the Law & Crime.

The man was reportedly taken in an SUV more than 30 minutes from the scene of his abduction, before being forcibly transported to the house of one of the suspects, Noah Navarro, elderly 39 years old.

This is when the victim's ordeal began, according to his version of the events.

The suspects stole his personal effects, took him undressed and beat him. Navarro even pointed a gun in his direction. A suspect, Betsy Ann DeJesus, allegedly filmed the man dancing in a dress, while threatening him with death.

Another suspect, Blanca Mejiamedina, is suspected by authorities of having cut part of the victim's face.

A few minutes later, the victim was taken to another area, but he managed to flee his captors.

The police present at the second scene in Glades County, prevented the kidnappers from catching up with the individual.

The man then hid in a church and called 911 to inform officers of the incident. where he was.

According to the first report made by the local police, the victim continued to receive threats on his cellphone.

The three arrested people face charges aggravated assault, burglary and kidnapping.