United states: more than 57 000 infections COVID-19 in 24 HOURS, new record

États-Unis: plus de 57 000 infections à la COVID-19 en 24H, nouveau record

The United States recorded Friday 57 683 new infections due to coronavirus, according to the count at 20: 30 (local time) from Johns Hopkins, in which reference is made, a record level since the beginning of the pandemic.

On the eve of the national day of the american, the country has also recorded 728 new deaths COVID-19, according to the same source, bringing the total number of dead to 129 405.

The United States, by far the most affected country in the world by the disease, have now detected nearly 2.8 million cases in all.

The south and west of the territory see an outbreak, which “puts the country in danger,” according to Anthony Fauci, director of the american Institute of infectious diseases.

A number of States have had to put the déconfinement on pause, or even turn back, closing at the forward bars and beaches. And the republican governor of Texas has announced that wearing a mask would now be mandatory in public places.

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