United states : the current approach against the COVID-19 “not working”

États-Unis : l’approche actuelle contre la COVID-19 «ne marche pas»

WASHINGTON | The american doctor Anthony Fauci, an expert of infectious diseases, has admitted in an interview with the Washington Post published on Friday that the United States should change its approach to curbing the pandemic of COVID-19, in full resurgence, in a vast part of the country.

“There is something that does not work”, said the director of the Institute of infectious diseases, and a member of the crisis unit of the White House on the coronavirus. “We will be able to make as many tables as one wants, it will always remain that it does not work.”

The United States is doing more and more tests, but the number of confirmed cases is increasing at a rate even higher in the last few weeks. California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, populous States, are at the heart of this rebound.

  • Christian Faucher, corresponding to Florida, comes back on the rebound of the virus in the United States at QUB Radio:

“We need to find the penetration of the infections in our society,” said Anthony Fauci. “The only way to achieve this is to cast a wide net.”

One idea being considered is to launch scouting group, according to him: the samples of a group of people would be mixed together and tested all at once, which would save the means for the groups without individual contaminated. In the case of a positive result, each member of the group would be tested individually.

Between 5% and 8% of Americans have been contaminated since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the director of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC) that leaves between 92% and 95% of the population could still be infected.

However in many States, the déconfinement was done without the adoption by the populations of the measures of barriers. The use of the mask, for example, is rare in the South and in the West, but more and more courts are now considering to make it compulsory in an attempt to stem the contagion.

For the first time since the end of April, the crisis unit presidential on the virus will make a press conference Friday at the White House.

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