United states: the democrats were “deeply concerned” by foreign interference in the presidential election

États-Unis: les démocrates «profondément préoccupés» par des ingérences étrangères dans la présidentielle

WASHINGTON | The u.s. Congress “seems to be the target of a” campaign of misinformation orchestrated from abroad, have ensured Monday, officials democrats by saying it was “deeply concerned” by these efforts, which are designed according to them to weigh in on the presidential election of 3 November.

The leader of the democrats in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi, and three of his colleagues have expressed a week ago of their concerns to the head of the federal police, Christopher Wray, him claiming to inform elected members of Congress before recess in August.

In their letter, they have decided to make public Monday, they evoke “specific threats from serious” and ” persistent “, but do not provide any details.

“We are deeply concerned, particularly because the Congress seems to be the target of a concerted campaign of foreign interference, which aims to propagate and amplify inaccurate information in order to influence the activities of the Congress, the public debate and the presidential election in November,” they write.

An attachment containing information classified with their mail, but it remains confidential.

The us intelligence services accuse of all Russia to be ingested in the presidential election of 2016 who brought Donald Trump to be able to, that Moscow denies.

In the beginning of the year, intelligence officials had mentioned new interference russians in the countryside 2020 at a briefing should be kept confidential, but was leaked to the media.

Christopher Wray had, for its part, mentioned at the beginning of July “a campaign of pernicious influence of China” on american politics. Beijing has “its preferences” for the next elections, he had also assured.

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