United states : the House passes a bill to reform the police, stalemate in the Senate

États-Unis : la Chambre adopte un projet de réforme de la police, impasse au Sénat

Exactly one month after the death of George Floyd, which caused the United States a historical movement of protest against racism, House of representatives, controlled by democrats, has adopted Thursday a draft reform of the police.

Baptized with the name of this black man, killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis on may 25, this text is, however, in the state, doomed to failure in the Senate to a republican majority. And despite the willingness of both parties to achieve a reform, their positions are currently so far apart that a quick agreement seems difficult to attain before the parliament’s recess on July 3.

“There are exactly a month ago, George Floyd pronounced his last words, “I can’t breathe”, and changed the trajectory of the history of our nation, ” said the chamber president democratic party of the House, Nancy Pelosi before the vote.

By adopting this text, the lower house ” to honor his life and to the lives of all those killed by police brutality, saying “never again” and acting “, she added.

The applause, the text has been adopted by 236 votes against 181. Three republicans supported it.

Among the major points of contention with republicans, the text provides in particular for the prohibition pure and simple of the catch bottlenecks and addresses the broad immunity enjoyed by american police.

It also provides for the end, for drug-related offences, search warrant allowing officers to enter without knocking at the suspects. It was during one such intervention that Breonna Taylor, a nurse, a black aged 26 years, was killed in her home in march under the bullets of police officers.

Having only a limited power on the police across this country, federal, Donald Trump had signed on 16 June a decree prohibiting the taking of strangulation, except in the case of danger to the life of the police officer, and ordering a limited reform of the forces of law and order. He called on Congress to quickly register in the law more comprehensive measures.

On Wednesday, the democrats have blocked the Senate a text republican reform of the police, stating that he was not going far enough.

Its author, Tim Scott, the only republican senator black, and Donald Trump accuse the opposition of not wanting to reach a consensus before the presidential and parliamentary elections crucial to the 3 November.

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