United states: the supreme Court allows the resumption of executions federal after 17 years of interruption

États-Unis: la Cour suprême autorise la reprise des exécutions fédérales après 17 ans d'interruption

WASHINGTON | The u.s. supreme Court has authorized Tuesday the resumption of executions federal in the United States after 17 years of interruption, in invalidating the suspension of four executions, decided yesterday by a court in Washington.

The condemned “have not done enough to justify intervention in a last-minute federal court,” according to a supreme Court decision released early Tuesday. “We break the preliminary injunction of the district Court and the executions can take place as planned”.

The supreme Court had been seized by the ministry of Justice which had been denied by an appeals court in Washington after the decision of a federal judge to suspend executions in the wake of appeal last minute.

Executions of federal death row prisoners, halted since 2003, had been scheduled to resume on Monday under the leadership of the government of Donald Trump.

But the federal judge Tanya Chutkan, sitting in Washington, had given reason Monday morning to the lawyers of Daniel Lee, which had to be done in the afternoon by lethal injection at the federal penitentiary in Terre-Haute, Indiana, and three other men who were to die by the end of August.

The court of appeals of Washington, referred to it by the ministry of Justice, had confirmed Monday the suspension of the four executions at least until next week the time that the parties submit their arguments in writing.

The four men had been sentenced to the death penalty by federal courts for the murder of children.

A former proponent of white supremacy, Daniel Lee, 47, was sentenced in 1999 to the death penalty for the murder of a couple and their 8 year old girl.

The convicts say that the protocol execution — a lethal dose of pentobarbital — they would be suffering “irreparable harm” in violation of the Constitution, an argument often used by opponents of capital punishment.

The mother of two of the victims, Earlene Peterson, 81 years old, had also seized on Monday the supreme Court with other members of the family to obtain the postponement of the execution of Daniel Lee due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

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