United states: the supreme Court deals a setback to Trump, valid the status of 700,000 migrant youth

États-Unis: la Cour suprême inflige un revers à Trump, valide le statut de 700 000 jeunes migrants

The supreme Court of the United States has dealt a setback Thursday to Donald Trump in validating the protections granted by his predecessor to 700,000 migrant youth, the Dreamers, the billionaire republican wanted to remove.

The high court deemed it “arbitrary” and “capricious” decision of the republican administration in a decision taken by a narrow majority (five judges out of nine).

The democratic president Barack Obama had lifted in 2012, the threat of eviction weighing on these “Dreamers” (dreamers), the nickname given to immigrants under the age of 30 years old, arrived illegally in their childhood in the United States, and had given them a social security number, sesame essential to work, drive or study in the United States.

In 2017, his republican successor, who has made the fight against illegal immigration one of his horses to battle, has decided to put an end to this program called DACA, the decree is ” illegal “.

Seized in an emergency, the court had suspended his decision, offering a reprieve for ” Dreamers “. The government had then appealed to the highest court, which finally decided to give him wrong for reasons of procedure.

“We do not say if DACA or its elimination were political based. The “wisdom” of those decisions “is not our jurisdiction”, ” written in the judgment the chief justice John Roberts, who has joined his voice to his four fellow progressives.

“We have only sought to know whether the government had followed the procedural obligations and provided an explanation reasoned to his action “, he continued. And in this folder “it has failed,” he concluded.

Trump denounces decisions of the supreme Court, “horrible” and ” oriented politically “

The us president, Donald Trump has denounced Thursday of making “horrible” and “oriented politically” of the supreme Court of the United States, which had inflicted two setbacks in the space of a few days in two different folders.

With his judgments on the rights of workers and gay and transgender people, and the status of hundreds of thousands of young migrants, the temple of american law “spits in the face of people proud of themselves as republican or conservative,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Do you have the impression that the supreme Court does not like me ? “he also asked, in his first frontal attack on the supreme Court, as he had promised during his campaign of 2016 to err on the conservative side.

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