United states: the video of a party in a swimming pool full pandemic becomes viral

États-Unis: la vidéo d’une fête dans une piscine en pleine pandémie devient virale

Washington | A video of hundreds of people in bathing suits, and elbow-to-elbow, sipping cocktails under the sun in a swimming pool in Missouri in the United States, has been viewed over 16 million times since Saturday, fueling fears of a loosening of the precipitate so that the COVID-19 still poses a threat.

The scene took place Saturday in a restaurant and bar with a shallow pool at the edge of the lake of the Ozarks, a large reservoir created in the ozark mountains, in the centre of the country.


“Don’t worry Covid at the lake of the Ozarks”, has tweeted Scott Pasmore, a tv journalist, filming the excitement from a terrace of the bar, hundreds of people, cup in hand, into the water up to the waist.

The State of Missouri has lifted the may 4, some of the restrictions on rallies and bars and restaurants, but the binding instructions of distancing physics were clearly not met.

Missouri is among the States least affected by the new coronavirus, with 12 000 cases and 681 deaths, according to figures from the State. The county of Miller, where is located the bar, has recorded only four cases.



But the anxiety is living in the United States, where the déconfinement began in the 50 States, but where the virus remains active in several regions.

More than 30 000 people died of the COVID-19 from the 1st of may in the country, and more than 600 000 infections have been detected. 100 000 deaths in total are expected to be achieved in the next few days.

The long weekend which ends Monday, holiday, Memorial Day, traditionally marks the beginning of summer in the United States. Thousands of Americans descended on beaches, often in respecting the distancing physical, with or without masks.

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